Welcome to Westland Apartments

Westland is the owner and operator of over 65 Multi-Family Residential Communities situated in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The portfolio includes over 12,000 units ranging from studio apartments to townhouses.

Through a tried-and-tested comprehensive management strategy, Westland creates comfortable, affordable, clean environments that foster long-term residents. The company’s expert team of asset managers, construction, maintenance, and finance allows Westland to acquire underperforming buildings and revitalize them. By stabilizing occupancy, renovating the property, and efficient work from dedicated staff, Westland transforms these buildings into a thriving community and blossoming asset.

Westland has consistently demonstrated proficiency for maximizing the potential value of its property portfolio. The key to the company’s success is a focus on long-term investment. As an owner and operator, Westland can invest in communities beyond the scope of other management companies.

Westland improves the properties through repairs, updated amenities and appearance, as well as modernized infrastructure. Community engagement, connecting with local law enforcement, and the pure dedication of team members has raised the bar in Multi-Family Residential management. This strategy creates communities that residents can feel proud to call home.

With 30 years experience in Multi-Family Residential, Westland plans to increase the company’s holding by pursuing neglected real estate assets, execute business principles to create value, and expand company operations.